Understanding the needs of the adolescent.

Based on the Montessori Model, CMMS believes in experiential activity to educate the whole of the child’s potential. We use a comprehensive approach based on observation of adolescent needs to provide work that balances intellectual skills, the personality, and practical life skills.

Understanding Needs

Truly connecting students to their world.

As a part of the growing movement of Montessori secondary education, we aim to provide adolescents a rigorous and progressive academic environment that connects them to their social community and the greater world. CMMS tries to foster students’ natural inclination to discover profound and personal connections with roles in society.


Where students find themselves.

To navigate this critical time of self-discovery, the adolescent curriculum is based purposeful work aimed at building responsibility, community engagement, self-confidence, independence, and personal investment in their education.

Finding themselves

A community based on collaboration.

CMMS is a community environment based on the principles of respect, cooperation, and group engagement. Through shared ideas and collaborative classroom work, students strengthen their sense of empathy and moral courage.