What our community is saying

For me, Cascades Montessori Middle School has by far been the most enjoyable stage of my learning career. Not only have a learned a lot academically, but my social skills have blossomed in this environment. One of my favorite things about Cascades is that the teachers have realized both the importance of social skills for this developmental stage specifically, and believe it should be part of our learning. CMMS gives students a sense of responsibility and breeds maturity within. Students are encouraged to pursue education for education’s sake and to make their own choices in life.

Nikhil Harle, alumni

Cascades provides its students with a fertile ground to grow in. It doesn’t limit us, it doesn’t drown us, it gives us space and direction. In those brief two years, we’re given not only an environment that’s safe, but one that we want to come back to everyday.

Brahm VanWoerden, alumni

CMMS has allowed my daughter’s love of learning to grow and mature. In all seriousness, my daughter would wake up everyday excited to go to school; she has loved CMMS and is very sad that her time there is over. She has loved being a part of a small community that cares about learning and enjoys school.

CMMS parent

The teachers at CMMS (Mike, Gwen and Kelly) are smart, funny, insightful, tireless, and creative, they give everything they have to nurture and educate the students they are responsible for. Mike understands the adolescent brain and is a perfect fit to teach this age.

CMMS parent