Why stinky adolescents shouldn’t be able to have electronics at school

To me, middle school-aged students should not be able to have cell phones, iPods etc. during school hours. It just causes damage to everybody in the long run.

Young adolescents are just gong to use these gadgets for fun purposes. I.e. texting friends in class, listening to lady gaga, or playing video games. These new electronics are not going to help these teenagers brains focus on school- related subjects. When they read, it’s online. When they play games, it’s online. When they write papers, it’s online. These days kids generally live in a world of electronics. Kids need to get away from this sometimes. When they’re in school, “learning,” they are unable to do so, because their phones are buzzing in their pockets and their brains automatically drift to whatever is happening socially. Of course there are exceptions. For example, if they need their phone to call parents or their computer for school work.

Some people use their computers as their organizer and they need it for school. Personally I think that this is exceptional, but paper would be better because they still could be playing solitaire or something. I also think that students should get permission from their parents and their teachers before taking the computer to class.If they absolutely need to have their phones with them, then they need to tell their teachers before hand. Then they should give it to the teacher during class so that they may not have any distractions. Of course, in every school, there will be people who don’t listen.

Even if the school adds a rule that you can’t bring any electronic to school unless you check in with a teacher, I’m sure that there will still be people who break that rule. If/when this happens, the school must decide what they think would be right. It will be different for different schools and so I can’t say what I think is right because it won’t be the same for all.

I believe that adolescents should not be permitted to have any sort of electronics unless said otherwise by a teacher. The children will not be able to focus and that will lead to them not being very smart.



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