Mike’s Past Jobs by Saila Bonk

Michael McCune has been teaching for nine years! Starting in Mount Pathways, a school in North Carolina, for four years, then came to Bayside Montessori for two years, and now he has CMMS, where he has been teaching for three years and continuing. But what makes us wonder is why does he teach? What inspired him to become a teacher? Why did he make CMMS?  I got my chance to interview Mike to figure out these questions.  I got some information about his past jobs and experiences.

When Mike was in sixth grade when he got his first job, living in New Hampshire, he got his first job as a dish washer at a restaurant. As he got older, in junior high, he got himself a promotion as a busboy and then a waiter in high school. Mike’s parents were divorced and his dad lived in Memphis, Tennessee. So from Mike going back and forth, he had to quit his job at the restaurant business.

For college, Mike stayed in Memphis but then dropped out to work for an organization called Americorps after his first year in school.

Americorps is for child abuse prevention and intervention. Mike worked there for two years with the kids in Juvenile Court. Which means to be a lawyer for a certain child, in most cases it would be sharing the child’s thoughts on a divorce or other cases. Mike also taught a parenting class, and learned much more about the adolescent mind. Americorps, was paid for by the government. Mike and the other workers in the organizations were paid for their services.

After Mike’s two years in Americorps, Mike went back to college for another year, still in Memphis. Through college, he worked at a steel factory for luggage carts, and then  left school again to join the Gandhi Institute, where he worked as an office manager and an after school activity assistant. He worked at the institute for over a year, but then made the choice to go back to school.

Mike traveled the country for six months, and moved to North Carolina. Where he went to college for one more year and worked at Mount Pathways. The camp was where he met his friend Jon Durham, who was working as a 9-12 teacher and director of the camp. Jon moved to Washington because of his passion of the Northwest. After one or two years, Jon convinced Mike to move to Bellingham and help him teach at Bayside Montessori in the 9-12 class. Mike accepted and worked at Bayside for three years. Bayside had a talk about maybe having a Montessori middle school for the sixth grade graduates to go to. Mike chose to take care of the school and opened CMMS at his own house! Mike has been teaching here at CMMS for three years now and has learned about time management, multitasking, and just met some amazing people through this experience.  We, as a class, are so happy and thankful for Mike’s effort to make this school.



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