Fundraisers By Jin

As most of you know, every year CMMS has fundraisers like yard work, soccer tournaments, selling cookbooks, and much more. So far this year, we haven’t done much in the way of fundraising, but we have started some. In this report I will tell you what we have in mind and what is going on.


Scrip is a way you can buy groceries using pre-paid cards.  Our school gets 5% off the pre-paid cards—basically you pay the same amount of profits for an equal car and CMMS gets money! For example: you buy a $100 pre-paid card for $100. We only had to pay $95 for the card, which saved us $5! To break it down, you pay for your groceries, which you always pay for, and we get a portion of the money to help our school! Don’t worry. Mike isn’t stuffing the extra money under his jacket.

Parent’s night out

The parent’s night out is open to everyone. You can drop off your kid (age 4-11) and catch dinner and a movie. We will provide food and games for the youngsters. Tell your friends! This event will be from 5:30 pm to 9:00pm, perfect timing! We will post the date and place and it is planned to be sometime in January. Contact at (360) 920-3580



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