Flash Fiction By Adrienne

She’s gone!

I only left for ten minutes! How could this happen?! Did someone take her? Did she get confused and run away? She can’t take care of herself! How could I let this happen?

The bright and beautiful building contrasts with the cold and dark alleyway. Someone sits in the corner. I ask if he’d seen a little girl go by, worrying that he has. He says nothing. I hope she  has not gotten outside. I pull open the thick, steel door and walk back inside. I feel relieved. I know that she would never be able to open that. I’m sure she was sitting with me before. She must have come looking for me. I run to the women’s bathroom, praying that she’ll be there. I know in the back of my head that she isn’t. I’m right. It’s been nearly fifteen minutes. How could I expect her to be there? She must have forgotten what she was doing and wandered off. I know my mom will kill me. This is the first time that she has trusted me enough to take Kate somewhere since it happened. If she doesn’t come back with me, I might as well leave before she kicks me to the curb. Maybe I’ll go to Paris. I’ve always wanted to go there.

I hear yells from the kitchen. I run over to see what’s wrong. There stands a little girl smothered in vanilla cake, crying. I rush over to her and grab her. I squeeze her like when I first saw her alive in the hospital. I love her. Mom doesn’t have to know about this.

“This will be our little secret.”



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